Sunday, February 17, 2008

Draw a Writing / Write a Drawing

This is my personal "theory and practice" for drawing abstract line art.

1) Writing is a form of drawing.
All of us have "drawn" writings. It happened when we first learnt to lay down the strokes of an unfamiliar handwriting. The scenario can be a child learning to write A-B-C for the first time, or a Westerner learning to write Chinese or Kanji characters.

2) Drawing is a form of writing.
All of us have also "written" drawings. We call them stick figures. The convention is simple. The head is drawn as a circle. Body, arms and legs are simple straight lines.

3) The Theory
Drawing stick figures is no different from writing A-B-C.
To "write" more elaborate drawings, we need more "writing parts" - besides circles and straight lines, and be adventurous in how to put these parts together.
Just as we are capable of learning A-B-C and drawing stick figures, (my theory says) all of us are also capable of creating complex abstract line art - by treating it as a form of writing.

4) In Practice
Based on this theory, I have been experimenting with drawings that I collectively refer to as the The 10,000 Page Colouring Book. Through the experimentation process, I began to establish a set of frequently used "writing parts".


ElizT said...

very interesting and attractive.

建伟 said...

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Hey Harriet said...

Wow! This is wonderful! An extremely thoughtful & enjoyable Illustration Friday submission :)

marcisenders said...

Wow...its a whole thesis you have. I especially love how the top piece looks!

jim said...

Outstandingly brilliant. Very well done!

Vhrsti said...

Cool theory!!!

steve said...

Superb entry--love it!!

Maria Kalcheva said...

Wow! This is wonderful and very true indeed :)! I love the style!

marina aizen said...

beautiful, lovely, super smart!
I loved this blog of yours... you are intelligently creative!
I am going to put you on my recommended sites to visit...

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