Monday, April 30, 2007

Undrawing Page 9814

New form and shapes appeared gradually as parts were added to a drawing.
Similarly, new form and shapes appeared as parts were being removed systematically.
This is the systematic erasing of 9814.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Undrawing Page 9813

The systematic approach to the making of a drawing can also be applied to its unmaking.
I call the process undrawing.
This video is the undrawing of 9813.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Drawing Analysis 02

This video shows the making of a drawing.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drawing Analysis 01

This video shows the making of a drawing.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


The Mosaic approach lays parts down side by side.
The Landscape approach arranges parts from front to back.
The Basket approach weaves parts together like a basket.


Surfacing provides a sense of surface and texture.
Hair is added by drawing short line segments perpendicular to an existing line.
Skin is added by drawing parallel lines across an area. The curvature of the parallel lines can be used to suggest non-flat/flowing surfaces.
Fur is done by dashing an area with short line segements.


Erasing is undrawing.
When the medium allows erasing, it can be used to undo a drawing mis-step. It can also be used to convert a see through area into a solid shape.

More Complex Parts

Grow, Divide and Join

A drawing is evolved through the growing, dividing and joining of shapes.
Ripple grows a drawing by adding layers of outlines that hug the existing shapes.
Petal grows a drawing by adding simple U-shape or tear-drop-shaped outlines. Each petal is formed with a single line. Petal can add a sense of dynamic and movement.
Wrap grows a drawing by adding non-hugging outlines around existing shapes.
Ribbon thickens line segments.
A hole divides a shape into part rock (solid area) and part paper (see thru area).
Skeleton divides the space inside an existing shape by adding scaffolding lines or segmentation lines. Scaffolding lines are like internal skeleton. They can look like the bone structure of a person, or the vein structure of a leaf. Segementation lines are like external skeleton, such as the shell of a bug.
Connector are simple line segments that connect disjoint shapes to form a unified one. A ripple or a wrap can perform the same function by drawing an outline around multiple existing shapes. Connector does the same by adding line segments in between shapes.

Rock, Paper and Scissors

Rock represents solid shapes.
Paper represents transparent shapes.
Scissors represent open shapes.