Sunday, January 3, 2010

Create Drawings based on Art from the Past or Art by other Artists

Over the Christmas holidays, I have introduced another change (besides adding erase) to my colouring book drawings. After making 1500 drawings, I need injection of new forms and shapes and composition. Hence, I have started to look at art work from the past, and art work from today's artists, and treat them as subjects for new drawings.
The first such drawings are drawings of King Tut.

The second batch are drawings based on the the work of John Baldessari.

Adding Erase

"Erase" is a drawing process that I have acknowledged early on but never used as a major way to construct drawings. In 2010, I will be using it more, starting with these drawings.

To show the lines that have been erased, I have left a trace of them in the final work.